We prefer certified materials for our animal-friendly products.
As LC WAIKIKI, we maintain our sensitivity to product safety and human health for our animal friends, also. As we aim to bring quality products together with our customers at affordable prices, we are gradually decreasing and restricting our product range using materials obtained from living things.

While evaluating customer demands, we impose restrictions on the use of materials of animal origin, or evaluate methods and certification processes that will not harm animals. In particular, we prefer certified materials for our goose down coats and coats in our outerwear products. In our products containing feather, we use RDS (Responsible Down Certificate) certified goose feathers, which we can track the supply chain and are obtained without harming living creatures.
We care that the products we supply are obtained under ethical conditions. Knowing that our suppliers and customers are equally sensitive, we only prefer products prepared under conscious production conditions. In accordance with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), we supply bird feathers obtained without harming living creatures, and we only work with producers who meet RDS requirements.

We cooperate with manufacturers that comply with our policy.
A professional third-party certification body conducts inspections at all stages in the supply chain, starting from farms, to prevent inhumane treatments such as hair removal, forced feeding, and to ensure that animals live in good conditions. In order not to harm any living creatures, we cooperate with producers that comply with our ethical values and animal-friendly approach.

We develop our experience and research within the scope of recycled materials. Even if it is certified, we prefer recycled goose down forms for the use of goose down due to the benefits that can be obtained by using the resources multiple times. We continue our research and fundraising activities by acting in this direction.

We do not use real fur.
We prefer sustainable materials by moving away from the use of animal-based leather. As an alternative to the use of real leather, we tend to use similar, softer and more flexible materials. We are expanding our artificial leather product range by supplying durable materials that will ensure the comfort of our customers. We do not compromise our ecological product criteria in our collections made of artificial leather, and we use ecological products that are harmless to human health and the environment.

At the same time, we do not include products containing real fur produced from animals in our product range; we prefer artificial fur, which is a sustainable alternative. By evaluating the methods offered by technology with its alternative designs and functionality, we turn to artificial materials produced without disturbing the balance of nature and without harming human health and the environment.

We do not want natural life to be harmed, animal extinction, animals to be subjected to inhuman treatment for their fur; we think that all living things have the right to live well and to feel good. We set our product policy and goals by considering tomorrow, not today, and we take every step in a way that preserves the balance of nature.