Animal Friendly

We extend our commitment to product safety and human health to include the well-being and welfare of animals. With the goal of providing quality products at affordable prices, we are actively working towards gradually reducing and limiting our product range that utilizes materials derived from living beings.

When evaluating consumer demands, we restrict the use of materials of animal origin or use methods and certification processes that do not harm animals. We prioritize the use of certified materials, particularly for our goose down coats and jackets, sourcing RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified feathers that ensure traceability and ethical practices without causing harm to living beings. In our use of goose down, we prioritize recycled forms of down, even if certified, recognizing the significant benefits of resource circularity.

As we shift away from animal-based leather, we are turning to softer and more flexible materials that are an alternative to real leather. In our collections featuring artificial leather, we strictly adhere to our ecological product criteria, employing environmentally friendly materials that pose no harm to human health or the environment.

We prioritize sustainable practices by exclusively offering faux fur in our product range, completely omitting any products that contain real fur derived from animals.