Product Quality Tests

As LC Waikiki group, we aimed to offer quality products to our customers at affordable prices with the motto of "Everybody Deserves to Dress Well", and we carried out our first quality studies with the consultancy of our professional team and in this direction we created serious control stages in our production process.

In our laboratories we perform an average of 4000 ecological tests per day.
("Ecology Tests" refers to potentially harmful chemical tests)

In our laboratories, our products have ecological tests along with the below quality tests;

  • Fastness,
  • Physical performance tests
  • Fiber analysis tests on product maintenance.

“"Physical and Fastness Tests" began to serve with our departments.


With the new investments made, "Ecology Test Laboratory" department started to serve.


By opening our Fiber Analysis Laboratory we started to make "Physical Performance" and "Color Fastness" tests and our Ecology and Fiber Analysis Tests within our own structure.

Our Product Quality Tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements set by international and national standard organization.

Our laboratory, which conducts its tests in accordance with the conditions determined by international and national standard organizations, continues its testing processes by documenting the validity of the methods developed by its expert staff. With the laboratory established in our headquarters, we achieved to bring something new to the garment retail sector of own our country.

LC Waikiki on-site in Turkey and Bangladesh Did you know that two full-scale lab?

In 2010, we established exactly the same laboratory in Bangladesh to control our production in the Far East and to provide ecological and other technical requirements. Laboratory in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, fastness as our laboratory in Turkey, physics, serves in the life and ecology of the area. In this way, products in these countries can be tested on-site before and after production.

Some of the tests performed in our laboratories and their purpose of implementation:

A. Fastness Tests::

It is intended to determine the color strengths of the fabrics, including color changing and staining properties. In these tests we carry out, we simulate situations we face in real life, such as staying under the sun, sweating, washing products or rubbing

B. Physical strength tests:

These tests are used to determine the physical strength of fabrics. These tests are generally carried out by simulating the physical conditions which the products are subjected to in daily life; product loosening or shrinking which may occur after the product has been washed, abrasion deformation which may occur when the product is rubbed on any surface, rupture and tearing when the product is exposed to force etc.

C. Fiber analysis tests:

It is the test applied to determine the fabric contents of the products. This provides accurate information to consumers about the fiber content of the product. In this sense, in the product care label, product washing, drying, ironing etc. information in accordance with the fiber content can be transferred to the consumers .