Careers at LC Waikiki

There are nearly 5674 people working at LC Waikiki’s corporate office, more than 54,412 people in Turkey and abroad, with more than 1418 job positions throught the company.

Application Process

You can follow the vacant positions at LC Waikiki through the following channels:

Online Application QR Code

Evaluation Process

All the applications are evaluated within the framework of confidentiality principles. The evaluation process which varies by the positions is composed of a selection of the following steps according to position applied for:

  • CV Review
  • Personality Tests
  • General Ability Test
  • Language Testing
  • Human Resources Interview
  • Executive Interview
  • Evaluation Center Practice
  • Professional assessment
  • Reference Check and Fee Offer

Evaluation Tools

In our evaluation processes, we use the tests, inventories, and case studies required by the position, which may vary depending on the requirements and level of the position.

General Aptitude Exam: Consists of reasoning, numerical and verbal sections, and analytical thinking and problem-solving competencies are measured.

Case Study: Depending on the needs of the relevant role, different measurement tools can be used such as professional cases, presentations, and role plays can be used.

Personality Inventory: Used to predict behavioral competencies.

Language Testing: For the positions that require the use of English, a foreign language exam consists of different areas is held to determine the language level.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at LC Waikiki (which acts with the principle of the right person for the right job) is carried out by considering the technical and behavioral competencies specified for each position. 

New Graduate Programs

The leading brand in the sector LC Waikiki conducts various programs for new graduates. The main purpose of the programs is to discover talented young people who are willing to start their career in the retail industry and to train them as the future retailers by the support of training / mentorship programs. By choosing the most suitable program for them among the programs conducted for different positions, the new graduates find the opportunity to start their careers in the domestic retail and overseas retail departments and in the departments at the head office.

Store Manager Candidate Selection Program

LC Waikiki has been carrying out “Manager Candidate Training Program” since 2004 in order to meet store manager needs that have arisen due to its rapidly expanding store opening programme.