Products from Recycled Fiber
It should not be forgotten that recycled materials are not garbage!
We want all our customers who prefer our products to know that recycled material is not a waste material; on the contrary, it is a valuable material in terms of protecting the world's resources and using resources efficiently.

We know that it is a great responsibility to give future generations the chance to use today's resources and we take the necessary measures for the optimum use of resources. We continue our studies and research without compromising comfort, health and quality standards.

The increasing use of raw materials day by day brings the necessity of using the world's resources in a more efficient and controlled manner. We know that recyclable materials such as garment waste are of great importance for the textile industry, and we follow effective recycling policies within the scope of reuse of used raw materials.

Recycled fiber protects nature
With recycling, garments that became waste, scraps from garment operations and pet bottles are converted back into fiber form by mechanical and chemical methods and used. Thus, the use of water, energy and chemical resources required for fiber production from scratch is reduced. In addition, these wastes, which are likely to be thrown into the nature or burned, which will pollute the environment as garbage, are recycled to the economy. Recycled fiber offers an environmentally friendly and circular economy approach.

With the recycling of cotton fiber, it is possible to use the agricultural lands that will be used for cotton production from scratch for other products. Contribution is also made to the country's economy by reducing the amount of imported cotton. Polyester fiber obtained by recycling pet bottles also plays a major role in reducing environmental and marine pollution.

LC Waikiki Green: Environmentally friendly products
In our LC Waikiki Green collection, we include products made of recycled cotton and polyester yarn, and we take important steps to contribute to the circular economy and ensure efficient use of resources.

In order to ensure traceability, we make sure that the products in our collections are certified under internationally recognized certification programs, and we do not use uncertified materials. The production stages of the fabrics, whose traceability is monitored within the scope of GRS (Global Recycle Certificate) or RCS (Recycle Claim Certificate), are audited by independent inspection organizations in accordance with recycling criteria and we use certified fabrics.

Thanks to the certification programs, which are important in ensuring traceability and transparency, we not only check the recycled content in the product, but also ensure the ecological and social compliance of the production chain of these products. We control both ecology and social requirements of our recyclable products used by our consumers on site.

We apply our testing policy, which we apply to all our products, also on our recycled products even if they are certified, and we control our products in terms of quality and health criteria with pre and post-production tests.

You can wear our LC Waikiki Green environmentally friendly products with peace of mind and you can contribute to our nature.