Corporate Academy

LC Waikiki Corporate Academy designs and carries our training and developmental practices which fulfills different needs in order to develop human source which is an intellectual capital accumulation in line with the requirements of the ready-to-wear industry and also in parallel with the company objectives.

Professional Knowledge and Skill Development

Training and development programs are prepared for all employees including the lowest level employees and the top-level executives in order to fulfill their professional and technical knowledge and skills and developmental needs. By this means, employees become specialized in their fields and provide maximum benefit for both the company and the sector in future.

Leadership and Personal Development

Corporate Academy supports all the executives and the employees through personal and administrative development programs based on their needs and determines the competency development fields of the employees through comprehensive needs analysis carried out each year and enables the employees to be involved in these training and development programs (in line with their developmental needs) which are designed in accordance with organizational climate of the company.

LC Waikiki aims to train all executives as leaders steering the sector through their professional knowledge and skills and also their efficient managerial qualities. In this direction, LC Waikiki conducts ‘Management Trainee Programs’ and ‘Management Development Programs’.


Evaluation methods and tools of training and development activities are determined; in promotion, reassignment and recruitment processes, professional knowledge, skills and competencies are measured; evaluation reports are prepared to provide input to the development plans to be prepared for the candidates and feedback is given after the evaluations and for Buyer, Designer and Merchandiser positions, behavioral competence and skills are also evaluated as well as the professional skills in an integrated way.

Internal Promotion Programs

The candidates who have shown sufficient success as a result of the assessments become entitled to participate in the internal promotion program. The duration of the program composed of on-the-job and classroom trainings varies by the position. The candidates who have succeeded in the professional exams held at the end of the program can get promoted to an upper position.