LC Waikiki Green

In the Name of Nature

For generations, nature’s deep blue seas, lush green trees and fertile lands have inspired the names of our children. We are doing our part to protect the resources of tomorrow for the future of Deniz (“Sea”), Fidan (“Sapling”) and Toprak (“Earth”), who are named after the wonders of nature.

For years, at LC Waikiki, we have championed the thought that “Everyone deserves to dress well,” and we continue to make our diverse range of products accessible to consumers from all walks of life. We also believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, have access to high-quality water, and work in favorable conditions, in short have a sustainable future.

Accordingly, we continue our efforts in the focus areas of Reducing Inequalities, Responsible Production and Consumption, Clean Water and Sanitation and Gender Equality towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.