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LC Waikiki Green

Welcome to LC Waikiki Green World
We reinforce our belief in the power of the whole, while understanding being a part of nature, and living in harmony in these difficult days of pandemic. As LC Waikiki, we always prioritize product safety and we know the importance of using the world's resources in the most appropriate way. In this direction, we do not compromise on our work on human and environmental health.

We conduct studies on social responsibility, social compliance, ethics and risks in all our operations. Within the scope of our sustainable development goals, we develop our work in more than one area and pay extra attention to issues such as employee satisfaction, equal opportunities, customer satisfaction and supplier awareness activities. We prioritize issues such as consumption, production, business law, economic growth, poverty alleviation, industrial innovation, infrastructure, climate, ecology and water management.

LC Waikiki Green: Nature-Friendly Collection
With our LC Waikiki Green collection, we focus on using natural resources economically and recycling our waste based on the fact that all waste materials are resources. In addition to product comfort in our LC Waikiki Green branded products, we take care to use our sustainable raw materials correctly.

Thanks to our organic and recyclable collections, we offer our nature and animal friendly products to our valued customers. In addition, we want to research both R&D and innovation open resources, and contribute to the regaining of our diversity, which is about to disappear, with our herbal dyeing and self-colored cotton works inspired by nature.

We are aware of the value of every work done for our world and the multiplicity of our work to be done. By developing our LC Waikiki Green collection, we will continue to present them to you and share our works. As LC Waikiki, we know that we will shape this change that started from our center and continue it together with you.

Everyone Deserves to Dress Well
We manufacture in line with our mission of "everyone deserves to dress well" and we strictly adhere to our principles of avoiding chemical pollution, considering human health and doing business within the framework of ethical rules. We are constantly improving ourselves in the field of risk management. We adapt to national and international norms. We carry out our auditing, training and development programs on environmental, chemical, social and ethical issues jointly with our internal and external stakeholders. Thanks to these studies, we continue to reduce the chemical risks and environmental impacts of our products.

We take concrete steps to achieve ecological balance, and we internalize our environmental policies with our business model as much as our approach to people. In line with our values to succeed together, we provide awareness-raising trainings for both our employees and our producers. We have provided over 1000 trainings to all our employees and to all businesses we work with, which have chemical operations and we continue to provide new trainings. As the first indicator of our ecological approach culture that we have created within the company, we add the "ecology" training also to the first orientation received by our colleagues who started working in our company.

Together we are strong and together we can achieve so that our world remains habitable.

We wish you to use our products healthily and fondly.