Organic Products

We prepare our organic collection based on our need to feel the nature.
We use cotton in our organic products and in many of our product groups, which we bring you under the roof of LC Waikiki Green. In our organic collection consisting of natural colors, we primarily consider mothers' preference and give more space to baby and children's clothing.

We also prefer organic materials for our underwear products that come into direct contact with the skin. Due to the limited production conditions of organic raw materials, we plan to use our organic product collections in our products that we deem most suitable for you.

We manufacture products that will benefit people and the environment.
Contrary to popular belief, it would not be correct to say that our organic cotton products are healthier than our other cotton products. The main benefit of our organic products is to protect the environment and biodiversity. The use of non-genetically modified seeds and not using any chemical pesticides during cotton cultivation are among the most basic details that distinguish organic cotton from conventional cotton.

As LC Waikiki, we take care to inform our customers about our products and services in the most accurate way. We carry out comprehensive tests and controls on all of our products, and inspect our production at every stage, taking into account people and the environment. We objectively share the model, usage and production information of our final products with the information labels on the product.

Eco-friendly collections are in LC Waikiki GREEN.
By using organic cotton in our LC Waikiki GREEN collections, we avoid practices that harm nature and support the sustainability of the world's resources. By choosing organic products, we protect our environmentalist approach and ensure production traceability and chemical control.

We get certified the organic products in our LC Waikiki GREEN collections and the production and processes of these products within internationally recognized certification programs. In this context, as LC Waikiki, we follow the Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard criterions.

We get inspected and certified the fabric production stages of our organic products in accordance with the organic product manufacturing criteria offered by independent inspection organizations. Thanks to the certification programs, we guarantee the organic content in our products and the ecological and social conformity of the production chain of organic products.