Product Safety

As LC Waikiki  we have adopted the idea of presenting the quality products with reasonable prices and at the same time we give a particular importance to the product safety of our products and human health with our wide range of products.

Organic Cotton Collection for Newborn Babies  from LC Waikiki

In line with our product safety and our deep sensitivity to human health, we have prepared a   capsule of collection which is made of organic cotton and has 3 separate parts for our newborn collection by considering the needs of mothers.

Our unisex group, inspired by the natural colors of organic cotton yarn which is consisted of snappy body, infant bodysuit, overall and booties, hats and designs adorned with figures which have been created especially for children.

Safety of Children’s Clothing

In order to protect our children from all types of the risks arising from straps or gathered hem accidents such as throttling, suffocation, jamming in the throat, we ensure safety implementation conditions for Safety in Children’s Clothing, Straps and Gatheres Hems used in children clothes .

Again due to our high level of sensibility on the safety of cildren’s clothing , we avoid the risks that may arise for children by not using cutting-edge materials and accessories in this product group.

Due to our sensitivity to the safety of our children products, Child Product Safety Training is compulsory for both for our employees and our suppliers.

  • 1 We do not use adhesive beads in our children's products between 0-1 years old.
  • 2We carefully select the components found in our children products which have the risk of swallowing, and pay attention to their tearing strength.
  • 3We do not prefer long hairy / pile materials in our children products.
  • 4We pay attention to use natural fibers for our children's health.
  • 5 You can safely use our all kind of zippered child products you purchased from us.


To produce products that do not harm human health and the environment and the presentation of ecological products to consumers have always been our primary goal.

In the last year, our 350.000 samples have been exposed to more than 3 million tests.

We make 3.500 ecological tests everyday

We make 3.500 ecological tests everyday We are conducting 5.000 ecological tests every day in the ecological test laboratories in Turkey and Bangladesh to test whether our products have harmful chemicals which may be found in clothes and accessories. We also pay attention to our carbon footprint and water footprint studies along with our chemical footprint studies.

For the health of our consumers we only work with producers which undertake to produce only ecological products

We have published our Ecological Harmonization Handbook this year to make our suppliers manufacture products which are environmentally and chemically compatible with LC Waikiki standards. We inform our suppliers about our ecological policy which we are always loyal for the health of our consumers and we only work with suppliers which are suitable to this policy

Both for your and your beloved ones’ health we periodically inspect our suppliers

In case of any inconvenience that threatens consumer health and product safety, we request corrective and preventive actions from the competent authorities .

We regularly conduct risk assessments on our products according to human health and possible environmental damage.

We determine whether our products have these prohibited chemicals are found in our products by testing the pre-production and post-production samples. In the tests which are conducted after the production if any banned chemicals are detected on surfaces which will contact directly with the skin for a long time, we do not sell these products which are likely to cause harm to human health even if the production is over. When we follow the globally accepted regulations in all our evaluations and studies we consider LC Waikiki-specific standards. We considerour own standards under the world norms.